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Jan 11, 2013 8:00pm EST
of the obama administration, perhaps there is some room for optimism on the national security front. it portrays a better picture of guantÁnamo bay and this is one problem. there is the drone program, the military program and a cia program. impunity, torture, secrecy. wiretapping and all pieces in the puzzle as it presents a bad picture of america. i'm hoping we can pull those pieces apart and put them back together. the closing of guantÁnamo, in my view, creates a new guantÁnamo someone else must address the underlying issue of indefinite detention. on the 10th anniversary there was a lot of media attention and coverage about the 10th anniversary of guantÁnamo bay. you won't see it on google news and once you what to look for it. there is an op-ed in "the new york times". it talks about an evil that the military commissions were. so it's been very interesting over time watching this process and frustrating. i think closing guantÁnamo is the right step to take, but we also need to take a look at how we got guantÁnamo together. i don't know the bigger fiscal waste in guantÁnam
Jan 9, 2013 8:00pm EST
understand the choices that law enforcement and the obama administration thinks and how they ought to deal with it. >> well, johnson, good to be here, and i want to thank brookings and appreciate being here with angela and michael. this remind me of the story, and i'm a country lawyer from colorado, but the guy who prayed to win the lottery ticket, just wanted to win over and over again and constantly asking the lord, you know, help me, help me, i lived a good life. i've never asked you for much, and years went by. hi never won. he said, help me, lord, i need the money. finally, the clouds part, and a voice comes down from heaven, sol, sol, meet me halfway and just buy a ticket. [laughter] you know, colorado and washington just bought a ticket. they bought a ticket to the lottery. we have to figure out if this is the lottery that's good or bad. if you don't like lotteries, and i respect some do not like them as all, can it be less than it otherwise might be? think about winners and losers if you will because when you design a lottery in a state or anywhere else, you are thinking about a wo
Jan 7, 2013 8:30pm EST
. i would like to see a strong posture. i think the obama administration has been a doing a good job of rebalancing on most of the aspect. what do i mean by that? they have done a lot of little things and died -- tied them together with rhetoric and i'm glad for that. i don't want to see us go toward excessive confrontation. do i think apiecement necessary? no. and the sense that i think we have very strong allies in the region, we have a lot of economic and strategic strength china doesn't have. the population trajectory and the openness of the political system and what it does to make the american economy a haven for investment classer even though china is the top world manufacturer. there a lot of ways you go down the list. when you compare the two you can see the american strengths enduring and you compare the allies terrorist no reason for us to think we need to shrink back. i would worry a lot about the potential dispute unnecessary over issues like the islands. and let me give you one concrete example. it's not meant to be an inviation. if they do something dumb and seize one
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3